Drake University for Courtly Kingdom Scribes  (D.U.C.K.S.)
 ...or "Duck U." for short! :)

Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Scribe Guild


Please contact the local Chatelaine and Coronet of An Dubhaigeainn for details on future scribal workshops..

Founder / Currrent Coordinator:

Lady Kayleigh McWhyte

Past Project Contributors:

Baron Jean Xavier
Baroness Gianetta the Quick
Lady Kayleigh McWhyte
Lady Chiara Lucia de Nicola
Lady Althea de Grimm
Baroness Mistress Susan Neuber deLondres
Lady Sulis
Sulis' daughter (sorry I did not catch her name!)
Lord Lorenzo Quintain
Lord Alec McScot
Miranda Flamekeeper
John of Gravesend
Lady Gisele de la Flambeau
Lady Laura Eveline
Lady Ding Li Ying
Titivillus, patron demon of scribes...


Greetings, all...

As founder, I am passing this torch, in the hope that one day someone else will provide shelter and nuture the gentle arts of calligraphy and illumination. I am ever grateful to those who have attended these workshops and dedicated their time and talents to the group projects and classes we once held, and also thankful to those who have provided us a place to gather in the past.

I ask that those who are capable of volunteering to continue the C&I workshops, please consider doing so. An Dubhaigeann has many talented folk within it, and the surrounding areas, and I can no longer run these workshops myself, since my relocation to the Barony Beyond the Mountain in June 2005.

Thank you, all of you.

-Kayleigh McWhyte


A very special Thank You to everyone who participated in this group project!
Some of our work has been handed out in court already, so don't be too surprised if your name appears under the court report listings of scribes in your December Pikestaff, and additional newsletters following that. With the beginning of colder weather approaching us, I would like to encourage everyone to practice their painting skills and techniques in the coming months. While the call continues to be put forth for blanks in the East, specifically for specialized genres like martial activities, A&S, and everyday life, at this time future group projects are on hold until a co-penciler can be found with time to spare and assist. In the meantime, Real Life has beckoned, and hopefully will allow us the chance to all work together for the East Kingdom again soon.

Vivat to all of you. We did great!
*group hugs*



Again our number has been increased. Thank you to Lady Ding li Ying of Ostgardr for her assistance in painting with us, and providing a few more penciled illuminated capitals for our "homework" assignments. Progress is being made in leaps and bounds to the point where I find myself winded, trying to keep up with everyone!  Honestly, gang, you're doing great, and I'm so happy to hear a few of you are interested in pursuing future scribal interests.

Now.... the heavy stuff. We have a presentation to make at Coronation, and our "court appointment" will occur sometime during the First Court of TRM-to-be Balfar and Luna. As we are all going up as a group, I would like for as many of you who can make it to Coronation to please attend as we present the gift of what looks to be so far FIFTEEN SCROLL BLANKS. If your name is on the above list, please try to be there on the 27th at Golden Hill Church in Bridgeport, CT. We will also be taking time to meet with the Tyger Signet, Mistress Michel, and members of the Signet Staff. This will be a good opportunity for anyone wishing to continue along in the scribal arts to not only get to meet and greet our loving Signet and her staff, but also to discuss becoming potential new scribes for the East.

See you all at the Wednesday workshop!



Progress continues, and the number of contributing hands has increased by one more. Welcome to the nest, Laura Eveline, we're glad you could join us for a spell. :)  To shed further light on the project - now hopefully to be done by the Coronation of Balfar and Luna on 9/27/03 - I have posted below not only the images of new and continuing scroll blanks, but also their titles, and the names of the artists involved for each piece.

I am very thankful that we have come so far, and proud of all of you. Thanks again to Mistress Michel for her support and encouragement in this project, and I hope our efforts inspire other workshops to follow suit in further gifts of scroll blanks to the East Kingdom and the Office of the Tyger Signet.



The current project is based upon the Visconti Hours (more to come later on documentation). All scrolls are 8" x 10", some created by as many as 5-6 different hands. Many thanks to everyone who helped, especially Lady Chiara, for graciously hosting us and feeding us at her home. Below are some samples of our work in progress. :)

Left:  Balaam Speaks With God, LF 127.               Right:  Annunciation to the Shepherds, LF 18.
Pencils, Gouache: Kayleigh                                                    Pencils, Sumi Gold, Touch-up: Kayleigh
Gouache, Sumi Gold, Outlining: Chiara                                Gouache: HE Jean X., HE Gianetta, Lorenzo,
                                                                                                Althea, Sulis, Sulis' daughter, HE M.Suzanne,
                                                                                                Chiara, Gisele, Ding li Ying.

Left:  Flight Into Egypt, LF 25v.                            Delilah Betrays Samson, LF 155v.
Pencils, Touch-up: Kayleigh                                    Pencils, touch-up: Kayleigh (Work in Progress)
Gouache: HE Jean X., HE Gianetta, Althea,          Gouache:  Laura Eveline, Chiara, Kayleigh
John, Miranda, Gisele, Sulis, Sulis' daughter,         Gold sumi ink:  Chiara
Alec, Eveline.
Sumi Gold: Chiara



Left:  Joseph and Potiphar's Wife, LF 79.          Right:  Isaac Blesses Jacob, LF 74v.
Pencils: Kayleigh                                                     Pencils, Touch-up: Kayleigh
Gouache: Kayleigh & John of Gravesend              Gouache: Gisele, Baroness Mistress Susan, Chiara, Laura Eveline
                                                                                Details:  Ding li Ying, Kayleigh
                                                                                Sumi Gold:  Chiara
                                                                                Linework: Chiara and Ding li Ying


(Brett Kessler / Alec McScott & Kayleigh, above)            (Chiara Lucia di Niccola / Janet & Kayleigh, above)

(Kayleigh & Chiara, assignment intended for Sorscha of the Stones)

Not shown: HE Jean Xavier's "J", Gisele's "G", Laura Eveline's "L" and her son's "M".
Also turned in separately, at Coronation, Mistress Suzanne's Visconti border.